2011 Challenge & New Years resolutions

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Joey Camb

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Apr 2, 2010
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Was just thinking about the new year and was thinking about the challenges we all face in the comming year. I was also thinking about marketing and any new ideas we may have or new years resolutions we are going to make.
I am resolving to get at least 4 stars on my Visit britain Inspection! (also do the non UK B&B's subscribe to an inspection program?) and do you have to jump through retarded hoops for it?
We could pay to be inspected by a variety of outfits who offer that. It doesn't seem to be required here by guests that the place is inspected. Good luck on your rating!
The state B&B association touts that as a benefit of membership, but doesn't seem to matter to guests at all.
we only do it as you have to be rated to work with various agencies that we do a lot of business with otherwise we wouldn't bother. We are changing rating agencies as this one is a bit cheaper but basically it is all a pile of pants! They make weird suggestions or contradict each other ie one year this is in next year is is out ie hard soap then dispensers. If they actually gave good marketing advice or running advice I woudn't mind but i don't know where they find the inspectors they are complete idiots.