5 Sweeties & a PITA!!

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May 22, 2008
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About to dash off to Garden Club before heading out to MountinFest. Got my first "pot-stirrer"! Made baked pineapple toast this morning because scut work the night before (after I baked the bread that is) and one big pan makes enough for 6 men....
Take the platter out to serve it. Three says wow, does that look good as tehy help themselves. Fourth guy, I will pass. I think perhaps does not like pineapple and without thinking I say, would you like me to fry an egg for you? Yes and toast, I'll have some too, me too...... So I end up with half the pineapple toast left over, cooking up a pan of a dozen eggs with sour cream and shredded cheddar and slicing up the remaining loaf of bread and putting my 2 toasters to work. Eggs of some variety the rest of the stay. No two breakfasts are going to be made here again!
The one who turned up his nose at the pinepple toast is an "I will do as I want when I want blow-hard". The other 5 are soooo nice!
"No two breakfasts are going to be made here again!"
What does that mean?.
Tim_Toad_HLB said:
"No two breakfasts are going to be made here again!"
What does that mean?
Probably that you get what you're served unless you've specified some issue before arrival.
Oh, I got confused and thought she had served them breakfast twice that day.
"No two breakfasts are going to be made here again!"
What does that mean?.
It meant I had made baked pineapple toast as breakfast and when one declined it, I offered to fix him some eggs. Suddenly everyone wanted eggs also - two breakfasts in one morning because I had to use as many eggs as I would have done for the next day. It did help set the stage though. I just made a different version of eggs each morning.
They got lucky the first morning for toast - the bread I had made the night before made 2 loaves so I still had a loaf for toast. To avoid having to make toast, I made Gillum House rolls for breakfast each morning from then on and they were a hit. Since it is a refrigerator roll, I mixed it up one night and had enough for 2 breakfasts. We will have the remaining rolls tonight for supper (I have been keeping hte towel damp so dough is still fresh).
Oh, the grump turned out to be a sweetie also. He just had to establish himself and once that was out of his system, he was no longer a PITA.

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