6 Things You Should Never Say To An Employee If You Want Good Service

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Oct 7, 2008
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6 Things You Should Never Say To An "INNKEEPER" If You Want Good Service
(changed it to innkeeper as oddly enough WE DO HEAR THESE THINGS, ALL THE TIME!)
Excellent! There should be #1 a) as well, "I know the PREVIOUS owner"!
Excellent! There should be #1 a) as well, "I know the PREVIOUS owner"!.
Don Draper said:
Excellent! There should be #1 a) as well, "I know the PREVIOUS owner"!
Yeah that just ticks us RIGHT OFF! Then you know the po was an idiot. I mean, the PO was paid a huge chunk of change BY US! No they did not just GIVE US THE INN. <sidetrack> if we all sat down and listed the improvements to our inns since WE have owned them, we could slap those people over the head with them! We have all made huge improvements.
I am looking forward to seeing what the next owners do here. I mean that sincerely. I am certain they will think of things that I will give myself a Polish salute for not thinking of. With the house itself I figure DH is going to live long enough I will have to do the roof. I am hoping to replace my steps in the next year or two. But the electrics, windows, plumbing (for the most part) have all been done. I would really like to do the kitchen, pull up the floor, wrap those darned water pipes and maybe dig it out a bit deeper before putting down a new floor. My 1952 stove is still working - all except the clock (so the oven timer no longer works) and the controlled setting burner has died. I wonder if I will live long enough for there to BE another owner!
The sun room would be my office (DH crap will have been removed and the living room turned into a REAL living room). Then the Library could be a real guest area.
tell me about it! I know the previous 3 owners and the last ones did quite a bit but they never shut and never employed anyone to help do renovations so were limited in what they did becuase of time and they never shut either. The people before that were complete bodgers when we dug up the basement to convert the other side of the basement we found the sewer ie where all the toilet contents from about 7 bedrooms was only held together with duct tape and could have broken free and poured raw sewage out at any time! It was a son and his wife who had bought it off his parents. The people before them ie 4 persons back did some nice decorating and put in all the ensuites which were ahead of their time back then. They also did expensive decorating and it was done by professionals you can tell by the quality of the work. but lots of things leak over time and when we pulled up the floors to deal with it you would find all cobbled together repairs. And it is like someone on here said I can't remember who said when doing repairs don't make do and mend do it properly or you are just borrowing trouble for later on. Also now we have a lot of options for example custom items that when those ensuites went in just wern't avaliable. For example I have put in slightly smaller sinks and toilets with duel flush and compact tanks so there is more space but have put in double showers for extra room there. It is all about think twice cut once so that is what I am trying to do send extra time planning to avoid costly problems later. For example my windows they are expensive but I will never have to paint them so they will pay for themselves in painting and heat alone over time.