8 days of Vegan's

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Mar 11, 2009
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Very nice Vergans here for 8 days. Why so nice, they ( all 4 ,2 couples) have been Vegans for years and are older (50/60). Easy to cook for and I appreciate that. Just left for home. Good people always make an Innkeepers day.
Bless your heart (and thank God I did not have to do this, I simply couldn't)!
8 days? Bless your heart! Glad you found it easy... want to share so others will find it easy as well?
What the heck did you cook for 8 days? Oatmeal?
OK..lots of fruite, OJ, fried potatoes w/lots veggies in it, cooked cereals, cold cereals, bagels/p.butter, wheat toast,buckwheat pan cakes, real maple syrup, hot corn mush w/ R.M. syrup on it, plain stuff nothing fancy. REAL Vegans are not hard to please as they eat very simple/healthy at home.