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May 22, 2008
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One of the "leading" Web design companies..has just done a totally different look from what they usually do. I like it...what do you think?
I always like their stuff. Their sites always look classic (to me) without looking pretentious. This one has a lot of their normal elements, but I can see some new things. I like it...very nice
Kinda bland looking to me but that's my taste, I'm not a "white" person. I love the virtual postcard though, that is very cool! I think I've seen that other places, wonder if it is hard to do?
It's 100 percent better than the originial one that the owners inherited...Very white but all in all a nice website, I think.
The photos make the rooms look very large!
Like the layout and pix, it's really clean! A bit 'texty' on the rooms page with the amenities list. That was hard to read.