A slow news day

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Oct 7, 2008
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A slow news day
I think you can learn a lot about an organization (and a person's career) when you watch what they do on a slow news day, a day when there's no crisis, not a lot of incoming tasks, very little drama.
Sure, when we're reacting (or responding) and it's all hands on deck, things seem as if they're really moving.
But what about in the lulls? At the moments when we can initiate, launch new ventures, try new things and expose ourselves to failure? Do we take the opportunity or do we just sit and wait for the next crisis?
If you have ten minutes unscheduled and the phone isn't ringing, what do you do? What do you start?
from Seth's blog
I put this under marketing as this is what we need to do in the off season. Not all of us are in location location location where people just book our rooms regardless of sucky website, lack of information, ugly rooms, ridiculous policies. What do you do on a "slow news day," what motivates you to do more, to learn more, to share more, to be more?
Me as it is a quiet day had the luxuary of a lie in (was only two ladies in last night and they are at a cookery school where they get breakfast there Woo Hoo) so have been writing blog articles and catching up on my paperwork as from Sat onwards I am battered for two weeks. though luckily mostly 2 and three night stays. Just trying to get marketing stuff sorted. Plus we are playing with doing a lounge menu for extra money ie afternoon tea that sort of thing and putting together a menu for that (this is DH's idea) so thats him occupied. Plus I don't mind as we have all the stuff in anyway so it is just a case of letting people know they can have it if they like.
Sometimes I just sit and think about other stuff besides business. Kind of let my mind go off on vacation.
Then again, today I was in a store I tend to forget about (because the closest one is 35 minutes away) and I came home with great ideas for a 'gift basket' sort of package. I'll make a shopping list and head back there (or to the one in the opposite direction) and put together some fun add ons.
And at the dr's office the other day I got another 'fun' idea that I have to pursue. (I know, odd place to get a fun idea, but there you go! You just have to be open to ideas.)
I wish I had 10 minutes. Truly. If I am not doing B&B stuff I am working my 2nd job. 7 days a week generally 7am - 11pm. I think Thank God I have 2 jobs while some people have none, so as much as I would like to have some downtime I just keep going until hopefully things improve
Yes I know it's not good for me, right now it's not an option but a necessity