A Solution to Today's Bacteria/Virus Control Needs

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Dec 6, 2017
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Today's bacteria/virus control needs are more than wiping specific surfaces with chemical disinfectants, using hand sanitizers, and even misting. I agree they all help, but there is no continual disinfecting process occurring, nor is there a disinfecting process happening to control the airborne contaminates, which is the main cause of illness. Has anyone thought of how bacteria/viruses are controlled in the space station? The technology used there is called ActivePure.

ActivePure creates safe, effective hydroperoxides, super oxide Ions, purifying plasmas the air current carries to seek and destroy all impurities in the air, on surfaces, not missing an inch of it's targeted area. There is a model for any application... PTAK units, walk in coolers, HVAC system, wall mounted, portable covering up to 3000sf. Every room can be disinfected 24/7 by simply putting the Induct 500 model inside the PTAK unit, the Pure & Clean model makes the ozonator obsolete!

I am conducting webinar presentations both public and private. Please contact me on how to make your B&B or hotel the safest place to stay! The Super 8 Hotel uses ActivePure to disinfect the rooms..the safest hotel in Grand Junction to stay.


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