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Apr 22, 2010
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Are they super out of date or did we lose that many B&B's recently? Probably both but it is depressing. I was just looking around to see what was out there and easily a third of the links are 404.
You know how people don't read, well if you don't like us we won't read either. Hit us with a link Baby!
That website is old and out of date. I was looking around and there is a line in Spanish halfway down one page purporting to be for rates and it takes you to IBM's website. Huh? Some of the links go to aol pages. And there are pages of ads.
If you try to add a link it goes nowhere.
It certainly doesn't look kept up.
here is the Minnesota page - click any random city and least a third of the B&B's 404. Now to be fair a lot of them go to the beda andb listing which is now gone so those B&B's were not as serisous hopefully.
Just an example got down this list in a pretty big city here -
This thing is so out of date. I think someone "TRIED" to come up with this association thinking everyone would belong or something?? one ever heard of this thing and I wouldn't waste my time with it.
Yep..just looked at VA and here is another place mine is listed :-( We've been closed for 4 that tells you how out of date that site is. Hmm wonder if I contact them, they will remove me?? If I can find a contact that is:-( NOPE no way to contact them.
Here is what WHOS says
Technical Contact: Bed and Breakfasts
   ABBA Registrant ([email protected])
   Fax: +1.8016590978
   P.O. Box 795923
   Dallas, TX 75379