Are we really trying to start a B&B or something else?

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I never heard of such a thing, but it sounds good. Are there other places that use that term? When I was a little boy I knew if you slung enough mud on the wall some of it would stick. Something will work out if we just keep trying..
There is an entire industry of guest houses in Myrtle Beach that are self-catering short term rentals.
Thats a great idea. When our kids were at hame we went to Galveston, Texas at least once a year and rented a beach house. OH, sadness, we don't have an ocean. Hey, but there are other things around here.
You all are going to put me in business yet.
Rolacoy, it sounds to me like you are looking to do what people with vacation property do when they are not in their condos - just rent them out by the week and have a cleaning service come in and clean after each rental. My good friend has a beach front condo in Destin. They use it about 5 weeks a year and rent it the rest of the year. They do keep some storage areas for their stuff and keep locks on those closets.
Is there something in your community that draws people to your area, i.e. a reason for wanting to stay a week at your place? Location, location, location! Obviously, the beachfront condos are easy to rent. What kind of customers do you think you would draw? For example, I'm in Miami - tourists everywhere, especially the snowbirds. That's my draw. If you're out in the middle of nowhere and your anticipated draw will be one-nighters just passing through on a long road trip, that's going to be a lot of work to flip the rooms after one-nighters and marketing that is a lot of work, too. It sounds like you want at least week-long term rentals.
I like the term "guest house" I think it sounds inviting. Good luck to you!
around here it'd be called a weekly housekeeping suite or cottage. that's probably what i'm going to do,too. guests by the week or long weekend,minimun three night stay. i'll probably stock the fridge and pantry with a small selection of things like juice and eggs and a coffeemaker,etc. i'm starting with a studio apartment and hope to graduate to new apts in the barn or maybe even cabins along the brook. best wishes,it sure sounds like you have plenty ofexperience in being a landlord,business travelers should be a nice change.
Sorry, but from the sounds of things, you do not want to open a Bed & Breakfast.
You don't want to do breakfast, you don't want to interact with guests. A B & B is NOT for you. I think you just need to offer either short or long term rental or maybe what they used to call it " a tourist home" and be done with it. You can still use it as a business deduction. But to say you are offering a B & B experience...YOU ARE NOT!
I would not spend any more time thinking about it, given everything you have told us here already. It does not sound like you are really wanting a B & B, you just want to call it that..and that is not a good reflection on the rest of us who are doing it right..
I'd like to be your friend on f/b, but unsure how to access that link. Thanks!
Round here they call a similar idea Holiday/self catering. You cook for yourself but someone comes in once a week to clean and change the sheets. This is very popular with business people who say need a shot term place while they are working on a contract and would perfer to cook for themselves. For some ideas look at Superior Stay in Harrogate they run some really nice places.
I like "guest House" this insinuates that its a house that is not for long term rental and its a vacation place for no longer than stated. I think that would be the most important aspect to me-a stated stay-maximum and minimum that way you don't have to worry about someone overstaying their welcome. Also state that you take a "damage deposit" in case something where to break or come up missing or was not left as it was, and if all is well when you go in and inspect that deposit is returned to the guest.
Go for it and if you have many business travelers in your area, you may want to use that as a marketing tool as well. But my favorite would be "guest House".