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Dec 20, 2008
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I am incognito, but a regular lurker...We are getting ready to list our B&B in Western Colorado. If you are interested in a small lifestyle B&B (3 rooms), in a gorgeous and perfect in-town location in a college town, email me and I will send you the info. We have decided to change careers and want to downsize...Thought I'd give someone here first crack at it...
Swirt, I'm not sure if this counts as self promotion, so let me know and we can delete, hopefully it doesn't violate the rules...
Hi Innsane1,
Good luck with your sale. I don't have a problem with a listing like this as long as you aren't clubbing aspirings over the head with it anytime they mention they are aspirings. If you ever want to expand and put in a link to a sale page or whatever, feel free.
hmmmm, Boulder is on the front range - not considered Western Colorado. For a Western college town I'm guessing Grand Junction or Durango....