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May 30, 2008
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Why doesn't the AD for my B&B show up. I have picture, geographic location and web address. AND I'm on the forum nearly everyday.
I see it often. I saw Breakfast Diva's pic was not there and a blank in its place.
I've seen you up there several times PT! And I visited your website...gorgeous place!
I have seen it lots of times. The photos rotate randomly. The only ones that don't show up I believe are if there is no activity from the inn within a month.
I've seen it, too. But I know what you mean. There are days it seems I see the same 3-4 all the time and then suddenly a new one pops in.
Fear not, tho, YOU may not be seeing it, but others are!
I'm seeing it show up in the rotation. It should show up (statistically speaking) 1 in every 27 page loads. (we have 27 members currently participating in the featured inn listings). If it shows up here then it will appear in the rotation. Its a random number thing. Every time the page loads the server picks a number between 1 and 27 and displays whichever one it picks.

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