Bath Amenities?

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Aspiring InnKeeper

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Feb 4, 2011
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what is most important when you choose bath amenities? Looking at what is out there it seems there is so much to choose from! What guides your decsion?
- cost
-fragrance & packaging
-eco friendly
anything else??/
Honestly..COST first..but I still wanted something that was good quality. I didn't care about having the Personalized items. I used American Hotel Register for all my products.
Why do I get the feeling this is someone who wants to sell us some of this!
Perhaps because the first post was asking specifics like what guides your decision. oi veigh...another one.
Essentially you have to know your market. If your guests want high-end products you don't buy crappy off the shelf stuff. Otherwise, go with what you like as you'll have to use up all the bits and bobs they leave behind.
mine are the cheapest of out of eden but they are also eco-friendly so double bonus.