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Dec 5, 2008
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Beleive it or not, the State of Oregon is promoting the business of micro breweries and micro distilleries. So in my business plan I want to feature a "Copper Kettle". Have any of you tasted a really good mead? I want to develope a signature beverage...that can be sold by the case (or gal. jar) when guests depart.
Portland was one of the original brewhouse/movie theater concepts - gosh that was like 12-15 years ago - where they had a movie theatre with table service and micro brews. Not sure if that is still there or not, was a big fad.
We have a Mead not too far from us that finally got approval to open. Haven't been there yet. I have promoted it in a tour with the wineries they put on.
Sounds like an interesting idea. There are a couple of Meaderies here. One also just started producing Bee Vodka.
They are usually a little sweet for my taste, but not as sweet as they sound. I'm not really sure what the production cycle looks like.
Hmmm a fellow running for county supervisor wants to do something similar. Instead of winery tours and tastings. He says "let's bring out the moonshiners" Sell their stuff to our tourists. Hmmmm I don't know what to think of that.
We have a meadery near us..but they run such weird hours we never know when to tell people they can stop there.
WV has licensed some "Shiners" to produce and sell some of the State's finest brew. We also have a few micro-breweries with at least one of them in Morgantown. Hmmm. DUH! That should have been on the routing long ago. I do have covered bridges in that direction......
incredible meads to be found at the meadery of the Palisade, CO. Dry to super sweet, they also make a shere and hard apple cider...
Actually I have around 20 liters of mead fermenting in my cellar it should be ready in November, right for Christmas.
I keep you updated if it turned out well than I will share the recipe.
Actually here in my Area in Germany you will get warm mead on a lot of Christmas markets. Really nice and warming when you strolling over the Christmas markets.