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Aug 4, 2008
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What did you do before innkeeping? I am always curious to see how different the careers/professions were before you all decided to go into the same profession.
DH was a management lackee for the fed government and I was an admin assist in the medical field.
DH was a restaurant manager and carpenter, and I was admin asst in several fields - winery, hotel, and other services.
DH is still working in high tech & probably will be for the next 10 years with the way things are going in the economy...if they'll keep him.

I'm an RN - last job before moving here, I managed a case management office for a large health plan in a large metro city. Then, I was the project manager for all our house renovations here. I had to manage a lot of guys like these
. My dh went off to work every day.
I was in human resources, specifically leadership development and staffing, and DH was/is a software engineer. About a year after we were here, he started a little company with some former colleagues. They don't make any money at the moment but hope to at some point. I finished up some of my contracts when I first came to the Inn, for the first 18 months, but haven't done any HR work since then. Don't miss it, either!
I was in data processing for my full-time job, had been there so long I knew all the areas so was the floater as well as the tech writer for operations - had been an operater - 4361, AS 400, Sys 36, and 3090-J, scheduler, supervisor, IT for a remote site..... In my part-time I did a lot of things including tire buster in a Sears garage and relief night audit at an HI for about 10 years.
DH was in the printing world as pre-press camera, meaning he did the artwork and made the plates so they could print. He had also worked in solk screening on metal - they were the largest maker of clock faces for sun/moon clocks (grandmother & grandfather clocks).
I still do Kelly Temp jobs when I am available.
I was a professional home economist and did computer support and taught web design for 7 years before I retired. Husband was self employed as a Mac Tools Distributor.
I was a registered nurse and then and still do work in IT and assistant director in an IT group still for another year or so.
Semiconductor engineer and computer help desk. And I also had a bookstore and worked pt at a hospital (just for the benefits, not because I wanted to work there).
I was in pre-press then advertising. Last position was GM of an ad agency production studio. Hubby is a graphic designer.
DW and I are both currently professors at a nearby college. Before that, DW was a tv news producer; I was a radio play-by-play announcer!
I was a children's choir director and ran after-school programs at a church and full time homeschooling mom.
Dh was/is a professional photographer (formerly, for the city we lived in, currenly freelance)
As of right now, I want to thank all who responded. I knew before I asked that there would be quite a variety of responses. It just interests me to see how ANYONE can feel the pull to be an innkeeper. It can pull the ITers, the HRers, the photogs, the nurses, everyone. I guess, maybe, deep down, we all want to do something to help someone else a little bit and that "something" leads to innkeeping.

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