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Jun 2, 2008
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word of the day ~ term of the day ~ or something
ever notice how you never heard something before, ever, and once you do .... you hear it again and again?
my latest is 'bespoke service' ... had to look it up ... originating from custom made or made to order, originally from the fashion industry but now used in computer software, finance, furniture ..... and a term commonly in use in britain. it caught my attention on a boutique hotel website that guests are treated to friendly, bespoke service
NEver heard that word in all my life. Thanks for sharing and making it another day I learn something new:)
I've been seeing the word around a lot, too..
I've seen it most in connection with jewelry - our latest shop to open features bespoke jewelry items. They're pretty cute - I got some necklaces for my nieces there for Christmas.

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