Best Chocolate covered pretzels?

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Jun 2, 2008
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my youngest son's girlfriend loves chocolate covered pretzels. i tried making some but they aren't great. i've heard that trader joe's are really good. any suggestions on where to get her some for christmas?
Sorry - homemade are the best!!! Did you use good chocolate? What kind of pretzels? She'll appreciate the effort!
YUMMO!!!! MY favorite. What kind of choc did you use? They are easy but messy:)
I use pretzel rods, dip them 3/4 of the way in chocolate and sprinkle with all sorts of goodies: melted caramel, jimmies, chopped peanuts. I get the big bars of milk chocolate at the dry goods store, but I've also used the chocolate disks with success. I'll dip ANYTHING in chocolate!
i got chocolate buttons. what kind (brand) of pretzels are best for dipping? maybe i'll try again. she likes rods and the traditional shape.
Here is a recipe I was sent recently - the #'s were wrong it said 12 pkg of pretzels, so I asked for a clarification on that....hadn't heard back yet
Pretzel Sticks
Rice Krispies
Capt Crunch
Unsalted Peanuts
White Chocolate - you will melt
Break the pretzel stick in half. Put everything in a bowl except chocolate and mix together. Melt chocolate and drizzle over bowl of pretzels etc.
Place on wax paper in tablespoonfuls to cool.
(I deleted the actual recipe with the amounts as they were all wrong - I would guess 1 C Rice Krisp, 1 C Capt Crunch, etc)

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