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Oct 7, 2008
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Question - does anyone know the legalities of posting images on your blog? Say you went to a farm today and took a photo and there are PEOPLE in it, not people you know, can you post it on your blog or do you need permission? They are not kids, by a long shot, and it is not inflammatory or anything seedy.
I have seen pics of 500 people posted and pretty sure they do not get permission from all of them, so me thinks it is okay. Any idea? Thanks.
Out of courtesy for the person/people in the photo, I never post a pic without the subjects' permission. Not sure what the legalities are but I'm sure there are legal issues.
I know for the newspaper there's a set number (not sure what it is). Below that number, they have to list the names of everyone in the photo, over that number (6? 7?) it's considered a "crowd shot." So if you have a pic of 500 people it's considered a crowd shot and you don't have to give names or get permission.
There is little on the legality aspect (as long as they are not minors) as long as they are not damaging to someone's reputation or something like that.
If worse came to worse, they could ask you to take them down. You would not be obliged to (since you took the photo, not them, and you were not under contract with them) but you might want to just to be nice.
If I am taking photos for someone for their web site and people are in the picture, I always ask their permission. Once I did some of specific children at a resort and I had to have the parents sign a permission form. But if it is a huge crowd, where people are not identified, I don't see how that would be practical for sure. I have never seen one of the newpaper photogs ask anyone for permission.
Our Typical forum I get 5 different answers. ha ha
I will probably go with "It was in a public place. They are not kids, they are not doing anything weird that I am posting about, in fact they are just sitting at a table with some pepsi cans" it is a regional photo.