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Jun 2, 2008
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names changed to protect the innocent
''Dear Maggie,
We would like to reserve a room with you for the weekend of Columbus Day. Hopefully the foliage will be great this year as we plan to take a drive up the Kankamangus highway. Please make sure we have the same room as before if available and we are hoping for your waffle breakfast. We can't wait to see you!
Call for our new credit card number at xxx xxx xxxx
Bev and Bill''
bev and bill who? i can picture them, but have to retrieve the old bookkeeping file to find them based on the occupancy records from oct '08. (by the way, the phone number in the email was transposed)
so i call and i explain that i no longer work at the b&b and they should call there tomorrow to speak with the new innkeeper ... Bill calls out to Bev, 'Maggie says she's not at the b&b any more.' 'what?' 'Maggie's not at that b&b any more.' 'well, ask if we can stay where she is now.' 'uh, Maggie? We'd like to stay wherever it is you are now.' ' Bill, i'm sorry, i'm not working at a b&b right now.' 'well, can we still stay with you?'
long long explanation ensues. maybe he thought i meant i now work at a hotel. they don't want to try a new place and are just going straight to the white mountains ... but not before Bev instructs Bill to let me know 'it's a crime and a damn shame.' i remember Bev really, really well now!! she scolded me the whole time they were here ... like a mom ... 'you should be cooking this way,' 'you should be putting your feet up between guests', 'you should cut your hair'
haha. gotta love 'em.
hmmmmm .... let's see ... i could put them up in the spare bedroom ...
Yes, very cute! Tell them cash only and throw them in the guest room....... LOL!
See, what I keep sying is true. It is the INNKEEPER that makes the B & B. The B & B is just a building, the innkeeper is what gives it life. When I leave here and the next owner takes over, it will be THEIR inn and THEIR personality that will make this a bed & breakfast.
I think ti is great and tells a LOT about who you are as an innkeeper. Now if you could put that in your web site of your innsitting..... People want to stay wherever I am.....
i think she just really enjoyed following me around and scolding me ... it was annoying at the time, but cute in the re-telling. i know you have all had guests like this ....
We once took a trip to an island where we'd made reservations for the only motel. Before boarding the ferry we saw a rack card for a B&B. Once look at the dark paneled dingy rooms at the motel and we headed to the B&B.
We were only going to go to the island once, but the innkeeper was so nice we went at least once or twice again... until we heard that the innkeeper was moving to the mainland and the owners would be finding a new innkeeper.
The new one may have been wonderful but we never went back.
It's is soooo true that the innkeeper makes the inn!!
Well how nice and what a nice complement for you SS. Yes, it IS the innkeeper that makes the inn...
Well how nice and what a nice complement for you SS. Yes, it IS the innkeeper that makes the inn....
I have ALWAYS said it is the innkeeper that makes the inn and that is the reason for people coming back over and over. It is not because of the structure, or the rooms, or even amenities, but the way they are treated which is most important. It's not called hospitality for nothing.
Funny, I just got an email stating this couple was looking to return and spend time with us again. They never stayed with us, which could explain why, when they got my return email (if they got it) they didn't book!