Caring for leather furniture?

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May 22, 2008
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We have a leather chair that is looking worse for the wear. It's in a window, bad, I know, but I have no walls without windows and it's had some greasy stuff spilled on it (pizza, food items). I'd like to get the color back to an overall dark leather like it once was, plus get some moisture into it to keep it from cracking.
Any suggestions on what to use? What not to use?
okay this was weird. reading the title and then seeing your name and avatar...all I could think of was coffin care.
Asked DH who works w/leather since forever. My first thought was Mother Murphy. He said he just read an article about restoring wood and leather in New Orleans and they included Mother Murphy. Do a smal test spot. DH also recommends mink oil as a softener and cleaner for leather. I know spent hours using mink oil on my daughter's baseball gloves, our western boots (during his western/rodeo phase), and restoring my motorcycle leather jacket. Good luck.

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