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May 22, 2008
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Just so no one wonders if I died or the chocolate pudding worked, today we take paintings up to MountainFest and I fill up for the 4 nights of the event. Sunday breakfast they leave, we go for the day and tear-down in the afternoon, and I collapse. Am about to go do the final touches upstairs, have a meeting tonight, tomorrow is breakfast, a vital Garden Club meeting (still have to do the agenda of all the things they need to vote on), and up to MountainFest. Every morning I will do breakfast, put away what would spoil, spend the day at MountainFest, and come home to clean things up adn get ready for the next breakfast. Thank goodness they never have a meeting on Friday in this town!
I was getting so many calls the last 2 days that I did a blog entry with the availability and phone number of the motel south of town. I will delete it next week.
Enjoy 'getting away' from being so busy.
Thanks guys. I just loaded the paintings - 12 - and am going to do my hair - I refuse to go looking like I do now. We will be back tonight - this is a commute deal. I will have a breakfast to make every morning before we go sit with the paintings - THAT is my break! Makes me wish I had a laptop.
Then we are off to burn up hughway. Good thing it is only 45 minutes away.

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