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Apr 27, 2009
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do any of you have a google map on your website that shows loacl places in relation to your place? how do you do that? there are a few shops nearby that have a theme and a map on the website would help guests realize how close they are to those places when they stay here. the problem is in how to create a map like that.
I have one on my Inns' website and also on my Michigan Inn Guide website (actually several, on the region pages). Just go to google maps and create an account.
Someone schmapped something I tweeted about finding fossils and so I thought, what the! And it is a cool pgrm. Esp adding pix, perfect for our biz aye!
I was trying to find that other thread and found this one, here is a new mapping prgrm that you will the bennies they are way cool! It was built for can add photos and info.
Okay I found an example, it is very easy to put together and add images...then you can tell it to tweet it every 4 hours for the next week or 3 weeks, or every 12 hours or every 3 days, whatever you want.