DH is happy, he is getting a shed

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May 22, 2008
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DH has been bugging me for years about getting a new shed (the old one is still standing but do not ask me why cause I do not know either) and I have just let him make the negative comments. This year when our daughter was here doing the barthroom, heard one of the diatribes and told me on the side that she would come back in September and put it up if I got one. Decided it was best to just let him pick one out and suffer the wallet shock (anything to do with DH means $$$) so took him to the 2 building supply places yesterday. He actually picked out a small one (shock!) and the one that I had thought would be the best bet.
If he were not involved, knowing I am planning to put this on the market in 2 years, I would have gone with a metal shed for half the price but knew that would not fly. I am getting a 7 x 7 Rubbermaid shed for $599 + tax. Now I have to clean out the old shed (with him deciding what he must keep) so we can tear it down when she gets here.

Sweet! We need to have a shed warming!.
Yes. She will give me her exact arrival date tomorrow but said it will be around the 14th or 15th which is good. I have a Tourism Confernce on the 20th - 22nd.