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Jun 15, 2008
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Yesterday I received a call from a producer doing a documentary. They were following a couple for several months. They were going to Conner Prairie with the couple and they wanted to book a room for them here and film them here. Yes I called Conner Prairie and ask if they were there and if they were on the up and up. She said yes very much so. Then I was ok with it. They came filmed and the guy proposed while here. Then they stayed all night and the crew came back and taped for breakfast. He was an independent contractor. So I gave him the idea of a show about bed and breakfasts. I think they need to have a show to highlight two bed and breakfast each week. I told him not over the top inn but regular bed and breakfast from 3 to 6 rooms. Maybe 2 in the Midwest then 2 in south and so on. I told the HGTV producer the same thing. So maybe someone will give it some thought. We need to get bed and breakfasts out there in a good way so people with think about staying.

By the way the producer paid for the room and left a tip.
That is wonderful. May the publicity make you as busy as you want to be and just a bit more (we all need a cushion).