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May 22, 2010
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Got a one-nighter couple Saturday night through Air. Before they arrived, I got a message from her saying, "Just wanted to mention, my husband and I always travel with our service animals."

More than one! Eye roll. BOTH need a service animal. I'm skeptical, but, knowing the rules, unfair as they are, regarding the ADA, I made no comment.

Luckily, they were perfect guests, messed up nothing, could not tell they brought animals.

Then she wrote her Air review of my place. Glowing. Went on and on how clean everything was and how much they enjoyed the town.

But I fully realize it could have all gone the other way. Dodged a bullet...this time.
Bullet you can't dodge is when they show up with the animals and did not tell you in advance. That's a red flag for me. I have 2 pet friendly rooms and in confirmation email I say they need to tell me in advance -- no surprises. They almost always call and it's good. Responsible owner = responsible pets. But when I see a car pull up and a little, bouncy, dog-like GMO beast in a "service dog" jacket come bounding out ... it is not going to be good.

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