DUH! They say it for a reason....

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May 22, 2008
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Thursday morning I started a roast of some Java Estates coffee beans and went into the Library to check e-mail. DH came in and started nattering about something overpowering the sound from the kitchen. When he finally shut up and went into the kitchen, he yelled the roaster is burning. I flew into the kitchen and there he stands IN THE WAY SO I CANNOT GET TO THE ROASTER!!!! I finally managed to reach in front of him (without knocking him over - much as I wanted to) and pulled the cord on the power strip out of the wall to shut it off and carry the roast chamber outside to finish smoking. The kitchen still smells a bit smokey - it was full of smoke. Ordered the new roaster immediately and it was shipped last night but my Sunday night guest will be disappointed with her coffee - UPS does not deliver on Saturday. NOW I know why they say - "Never leave the roaster unattended." DUH!!
Dh burned one up in the basement... and was unhappy with me when I dumped the burning beans in a puddle outside. I'm like, hello? Black? Smoke? Thank goodness it was in the basement instead of upstairs.
I think he's on his third one... He leaves them unattended much too often.
Sorry to hear about that! Hopefully it's OK outside where you can have a few windows open.
uggg, that's not a pleasant smell either, is it?
Do a lot of you roast your own coffee?
uggg, that's not a pleasant smell either, is it?
Do a lot of you roast your own coffee?.
I don't know about the others, but Socks & I do.
ok, that is intriguing especially since I am crazy about great coffee and I am a snob when it comes to the preparation of coffee. No coffee maker for this woman, no,no!

I would love to hear all about what you do.