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Jun 2, 2008
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wednesday morning i found out about a seminar i'd like to attend. it's at an inn and it's in the evening about a 3 hour drive away. so i thought i'd like to stay overnite.
i inquired using the email form and just received an email response. and the response is vague. yes, we might have a room. but not which rooms might be available. or how busy they might be. 2 1/2 days to get an answer. i find this oddly slow and and cumbersome. so i called the number and had to leave a message. ho hum. don't they want me??
That's poor service....but maybe they are having some sort of crisis like a death or something going on but still. Online reservations would be helpful.
so my question is ... for those who don't have online reservations ... what would be your response time ... unless there is a crisis or a problem?
i used to try to get back to people within a few hours if i could - if an email came in the morning, i'd be checking my emails throughout the day but would always answer by evening. even if it was just a general question about the area and not trying to book a room.
haha! maybe it's an innsitter! just kidding.
I have Webervations but get most of my reservations by phone. I HAVE gotten some via e-mail as well as many inquiries about availability. I check my answering machine OFTEN when we are out and return calls ASAP. I check my e-mails constantly during the day.
This week, I may be a bit slow in answering because I will be at the Governor's Conference Monday & Tuesday but I hope my host will let me check e-mail Monday night.
and next you will be running for mayor ...
or whatever you have there!
and next you will be running for mayor ...
or whatever you have there!.
Who? Me?
Nah, I have no desire to be Mayor. Now they choose the Mayor from among the Councilmen. Did not want it when it was elected - no vote unless a tie. Our City Manager muzzled me when she made me City Clerk (with the approval of Council of course - one voted against me...hmmmm). After I lost in the Charter Change, I did not run again because I could do more for the City as John Q Public. I am now back to having to be careful what I say to who.
It truly is exciting to be here - all the things that have happened since we came - some bad, mostly good (and the bad turned out to be good). Today I had a call (and he sent the e-mail I requested) looking for shuttle to come in from NY to ride our trails. I forwarded it to my contact in Morgantown and if he does not hear from them, I told him I will do it myself. A wrestling coach stopped by to ask advice on fundraising and finding a location for his middle school progam. All this tonight while sitting on the porch talking to our daughter the cop. Tomorrow the shed!!
deny it all you will !!!! me thinks thou doth protest too much .....
deny it all you will !!!! me thinks thou doth protest too much .....
Mayor mostly shows up for photos.
You know when asked people sy they wnt to be driving the train? I do not want to drive the train - I want to lay the track because the train can only go where there is track!
They could be on vacation. Sometimes there might not be any Internet access or even if they are trying to check an answering machine, they might have big roaming rates that apply. Or an email, as we know, can drop in a spam folder.