Following my own advice - Lobster and ice cream

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The Tipsy Butler

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May 30, 2008
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Guilt-fee time off = the biggest lobsters we can find, a mess of mussels and ice cream (our annual pre-season ritual)
Now I have to fulfill the other side of the bargain and get my list back in shape.
And you didn't call? (Sorry, that threw the guilt back in, didn't it?
Lobster ala mode. Is that a New England thing?
OMG - had to reply this one. Too funny. I am a diet controlled diabetic who, THANK GOODNESS has never had a sweet tooth ..... HOWEVER, there is something about that 1st lobster that has me craving, craving, craving ice cream. This year, we found a gas station, pizza place, general store that carries a local brand of ice cream .... with ONE sugar free option .... black cherry. I smiled, didn't talk, enjoyed my ice cream all the way home .....
..... and then caught up with my room flips while watching "cash cab". Life IS good.

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