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Oct 7, 2008
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On occasion I go to BBONLINE and click on their "Newly posted inns for sale in the last 30 days" and found one that looks very quaint. Then went to the inns website and my jaw dropped. Here is the for sale listing - you can click on the inn website from there. I think the rooms are nice and the house itself quaint. I don't even get the pricing, the whole thing is confusing.
I saw that one, too. The price is very nice, but I don't think I could live that far south.
Another case of "diamond in the rough" ;)
Well, nine years in business and only open five months of the year? Why is that, nothing happens the rest of the year? And so high season occupancy is just 41%? That's frightening. And how on earth do you get a $133.00 ADR from those room rates, which average well below $100.00? I'd like to see that math.
That website is hideous, I would never book at that place based on that confusing can't even tell right away what type of business the site is for! It appears that there is alot of competition ( and several nearby attractions, mostly of the outdoor adventure variety. Oddly enough, there are several B&B's shown in that town, but the town itself does not appear on or The Inn's website does rank pretty well in searches for "Eminence MO Bed and breakfast" and the like, but has only review on TA from 2007.
I think raise the rates, get a nice new website, market it like a real B&B and you might have something, assuming the location make sense to you and your research shows that increased occupancy and revenues would be easy to attain and the outdoor adventure type of guest would fit your personality.
Prices that low don't come along very often, altho there is one little place in Michigan that will knock your socks off for the price.......
What did I say the other day about innkeepers and web sites who just "don't get it"!!!!

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