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Oct 7, 2008
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Dear Innkeeper,

Your inn is currently a member of our popular BnBFinder gift certificate program. For nearly 10 years, the program has made it possible for new and returning guests to find and select your inn. The growing interest and success of the program has also been a hit with the media which regularly features BnBFinder gift certificates for general gift giving ideas as well as holiday gift guides. We are happy to have your inn listed in the program and hope that you will continue to do so even with the new changes to the reimbursement policy that will take effect starting in the new year.
Beginning, January 1, 2010, BnBFinder will reimburse you 85% of the certificate face value as opposed to the current 90%. Unfortunately, taxes, credit card processing fees, advertisement and administrative costs make it impossible for us to offer the 90% that you are currently receiving. (Note from JB -- Credit card processing fees? What the! Maybe we can do this when we issue a gift certificate and they use a credit card!)
However, the good news is that our program will still reimburse you more than other travel gift certificate programs and it continues to be in high demand from guests who visit our site. It's a fast and easy way for new guests to find out about your inn as they browse through a list of participating inns in the program. Don't forget that we are also aggressively promoting our gift certificates to the media for a holiday roundup, so make sure your inn is not left out. Gift certificate recipients will be your next year's guests. If you need further explanation, please feel free to contact me.
You can also email me if you need to change your inn's status in the program.

It's a privilege and a pleasure to promote your inn.
BTW I dropped BnBfinder this year, I am not participating in the pgrm at all. In the years I was with them I think I had two GC's redeemed. When I told them I was not renewing, I had some hard sell staff member from NY call and be very pushy with me, trying to tell ME how to run my business. In case Mary White is reading this.
Ha, ha. MY email was almost the same except it said 'you are not participating...' and did not mention the change in the payout structure.
I don't want to run these guys down, but my emailer program pulls the name of person and addresses the email individually. Rather than 'Dear Innkeeper'. The generic emails drive me bonkers in this day and age.
Hmmm. I dropped iloveinns and lanier, but kept bnbfinder based on both website traffic and reservations taken. They are my number three B&B directory referrer, but have not yet had anyone redeem a gift card from them.
We get 2-3 GC's per year from BnBFinder. I like the guests we get from them.
Also, one GC I tried to redeem this past year and I could not get the website to accept the certificate number, it wouldn't go through. It was a Sunday morning so I sent an email, assuming I'd hear from someone in customer service on Monday morning. Mary White herself wrote back to me within 20 minutes and got it all straightened out. I thought that was impressive!

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