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May 22, 2008
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Not as much fun as the 'bad walk-in' stories, but here goes...had a guest book online awhile ago who did not mention she had been here before. Hubs recognized her when she arrived and told me. I looked up her name and sure enough, she had been a walk-in last year. She took the smallest room for one night. This time she booked a king room for 3 nights. Woowoo.
Same thing with a walk-in from France. Walk-in last year. This year booked online and brought friends.
This is not an ad for taking walk-ins, I know the horror stories...just a little happy tale!
That is a happy tale. Congratulations on turning past walk-ins into happy return campers :)
Aren't you glad they walked in on you??????
Most of my walk ins are repeat customers I am glad they came to me for whatever reason brought them to my house
That's awesome... woo 'em and win 'em!
We have two sets of car people here tonight... generally because when they started trying to book there was no where else available (been getting calls every day for the last two weeks... what's wrong with you people? Why don't you plan ahead??).
Anyway, the couple in the nicer room has already told me they're coming back next year, and that they bragged about me all day, how they had this awesome room and they even got breakfast. (In comparison, their friends are at the Cheapo Inn and last year the husband slept on a floor somewhere...)
Congrats on the repeats. It is always a good feeling when people like us so much they come back.
I get warm & fuzzie when I find out we were their first B & B experience and they leave the house saying they will never stay anywhere except a B & B again. No more hotels!
Yesterday I got the loveliest hand-written note from a 4th of July guest. It wows me when a guest that I know is truly a busy and important person (like the Judge) takes the time to send a note.
tha's great! I know I get on you about your "walk in" it is good that this one turned out so good:)
'Good walk-in' is coming back in November and taking a MORE expensive room.