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May 22, 2008
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In WV a pop of 2000 = a city. In 2005 the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh created a revitalization training program they called Blueprint Community - that the volumteers of the community would be given training in things like working together, identfying the assets and the stakeholders, etc. In 2006 they brought it into WV and my City was one of the 10 applicants chosen to participate. We won the award for the best Strategic Plan. We continue to meet almost monthly as we meet the goals we set and set new goals. Because of this, we were named one of 13 communities in a WV initiative called ON TRAC - a precursor to Main Street. My City Council approved the ordinance on scond readuing last month to create a Shinnston Development Authority - with all the powers it implies. Tonight we had a meeting of many of the proposed Boeard members of that Authority - some of them new to Blueprint.
We were shown a DVD that FHLB made about the Blueprint Community program and what it means to the communities and to the member banks. Shinnston was featured in this - heavily!! I just finished making 6 copies of this DVD for my City Manager so she can give it out when she deems it appropriate. I just had to brag on my City.
At the Council Meeting Monday night, I will step out of my City Clerk role to make a presentation to Council of the landscape design the Garden Club is having done at the trailhead. They want it done formally so everybody & his brother does not start planting bushes & trees, etc all over City property. They are going to accept this gift from the Garden Club because of its size - the other 2 projects together were less than $5000 but this one is going to be almost $10k. I am President of the Garden Club this year. I figure I only have a year and they will kick me out - but it is going to be a good one!!!
That is WONDERFUL!!!:) of course you have kudos as a resident od this wonderful and beautiful state. Wish I could do this, but my little town is unincorporated and there is not much here....:) YOU GO GIRL!

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