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May 22, 2008
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Is anyone else getting multiple emails from a place called N av iP ro GPS? I get them everyday saying this is my last chance to get my business on a GPS map for $8.95/month. The email lists tons of GPS systems and mobile phones. How is this different from just being on the Garmin, TomTom, etc maps?
No, I am not signing up, just wondering if anyone else is getting this?
WE are getting them, they are all scams I'm sure. I don't respond to any solicitiations from email.
Have been getting them for a couple weeks and hitting delete. I am already on GPS! Why would I need them?
We have gotten several as well. Scam for sure.
FYI though on GPS... Recently discovered that just because I am listed on some GPS systems does not mean I am listed on others....
Case in point: I am listed on TomToms & Garmins, but just recently signed up to test GPS on my cell (ATT) and checked us out - by B&B name and another search by points of interest (looking for lodging) and we were not listed at all.
So, since then I have searched on line for the many feeds for various GPS systems and have added my listing. Suggest you all do the same as this medium is fastly becoming the way some will search for a place to stay as well as used solely for directions...

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