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May 22, 2008
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Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Reuben (radio news director) that DH was in the hospital. This morning I had been talking to DH on the phone and as we hung up realized Reuben's show was on so I turned on the radio (about 15 min into his show).
After the round of commercials, I hear him start to talk about one of his special listeners who listens whenever he can that is under the weather. Reuben talked about how we had opened our home to him and went on to say that he does not mean this in any disrespectful way, but both his grandparents died when he was too young to know them and he looks on John as a grandfather that he can talk to because John can talk to him on so many subjects. He ended by saying he hopes he gets better real quick so he can be bck in his bat cave or inner sanctum polishing his guns and back to his drawing and painting. It was so touching a tribute I had tears in my eyes. My only regret is that DH does not have a radio and could not hear it himself. When I told DH what was said, he was touched.
It is gratifying to have someone adopt YOU as a grandparent.
But it wasn't a eulogy! Right?
Not yet....... I m about to head out for the hospital. I was not going to go because was afraid I would go and he would be down for the test - so I made pretzels. He is back from the test and has to be immobile as if he had a heart cath so now that the TV gig is done, I am heading out. Washed the salt off of 4 pretzels for him. This was my second batch today. Yum!
Did you ask them if just maybe they just might have typed it? Worth a try.
Did you ask them if just maybe they just might have typed it? Worth a try..
Reuben does not work that way. He just speaks from the heart. One of his lead-ins for his show is - "If you want a transcript of the show, get out your pencil and start writing..."