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May 22, 2008
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I got this message on my Gillum FB page yesterday:

I am trying to find the a B&B My wife and I stayed in 15 years ago for our first anniversary. Did you used to offer a romantic dinner, where you used to use a bell for service. If so, please let me know if you still offer this. If not, I apologize for the inconvenience.

I do not do dinners any more but greed got me to thinking - plus they remember the dinner 15 years later. The thing that let me know it was me was the mention of the bell. I would put a silver bell at HER place setting saying, "I believe every woman should at least once in her life experience tinging a bell and someone come running." I was thinking about all that lovely pork in my freezer. He replies to remind me -(I do not have records going back 15 years at my fingertips) SHE does not eat met (fish OK) and he does not eat dairy or pork. IF they make the reservation I will respond with a price for a salmon dinner. To those in the NW - what do you charge for a salmon dinner?
They also have receipts! We had someone call who had last stayed back in the 90’s. They were shocked (SHOCKED) at how much prices had gone up.
Cool! I had a guy tell me that our current second bedroom in our apartment used to be an art studio. In the ‘70’s.

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