Happy Birthday, Copperhead!

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Jun 2, 2008
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November 4 -
Happy Birthday, Copperhead!
I hope your birthday is filled with everything you enjoy most!
Happy Birthday from me as well.
It is my twins 16th birthday today too :)
Thank you all for the Birthday wishes... Been having fun this week as we have only had business travel guests which are up and out early giving me much of the day. Went into the big city on Monday to play tourist and eat at a great Soul food rest. that I have been dying to try...It has been one of the THE places on the (past 2 + current) President's to eat list and has gotten a lot of great publicity in the last 6 or so years. (Took 1 1/2 hours to get a table, usually I would not wait that long, Bad service and good but not to die for food). Oh well, I had great company to enjoy and then went down all the lovely city streets...It is always charming and we always seem to spot something we haven't noticed before.
Today, we went back to the city to a great Chinese Rest. that we haven't been to for 9-10 yrs. It was yummy!
Guess tomorrow it will be back to work as I have a wedding here this weekend.
Iris - wish the twins a great day (what remains).

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