Happy Friday the 13th?

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Jun 2, 2008
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this being friday the 13th, i wondered if any of you have guests who comment on it being friday the 13th
when i managed a dental office (11 years) i always said 'the dentist can see you on the 13th, that's a friday.' and the patient would agree. if i said 'the dentist can see you on friday the 13th' ... nope ... didn't want to have an appointment on THAT day.
i stayed at a hotel in florida in december. there was no 13th floor ... there was sort of a 'nowhere' floor in between 12 and 14. it reminded me that when i worked in boston in a big tall building there was no l13th floor ... i was told space on that floor would be unrentable,
do you get any resistance to a friday the 13th booking that you're aware of? or a room 13? (if you have that many) up in maine, i noticed some small hotels with room numbers, not room names, and no 13.
I did a special for Friday the 13th last year. 'Cure your fear!' I took the month number and multiplied it by 13 for the room price. It was a good deal for certain rooms. Got one taker.
There's another one next month...Friday the 13th that is, not a special. 3x13 is too low! As is 2x13.
Well some of my V-day bookers booked tonight instead of tomorrow for some strange reason. I think the one that booked this morning for tonight may be MY Friday the 13th horror....
The guy came in reaking of the smell of alcohol to sign in. Bad vibes ran down the spine.... When he came back in with his girlfriend, I overheard him say for HER to watch her mouth in this place. She seems nice but scared of him. He cut me off several times when giving him information both at check in and things he requested. And has said several belittling things to her. When they left to get dinner?, I told DH that he is the lowest class person we have ever had here. I truely am worried about damages - sad to say this but I am. When he booked today, he wanted to know down to the penny of the cost and asked me 2-3 times to repeat it. I know that IF there are any damages, there will be no way to collect. YUCK, I know I will get little sleep tonight!
There are three Friday the 13ths this year!
I had a boss who was very superstitious and hated to have meetings on any Friday the 13th. I'm like, whatever! about it. We have a V-day stay tonight. Tomorrow's rez is mostly here to see their daughter, but is justifying staying at us (i.e., more expensive place) because of Valentine's.