Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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And a very Happy to YOU and yours and our friends on Innspiring.

The gentleman who has been squiring me around for the last several months is taking me to Chinese for Thanksgiving. However, I must have my pumpkin Pie. Yesterday I finally cooked my pie pumpkins (will use regular from now on - not enough pumpkin from those things) and made my pumpkin pie. It has 3 Tablespoons of WV Whiskey in it. YUM!! Piepumpkins-gillumhouse.JPG
It's a pleasant 58F here. We have a brisket and a turkey ready to put on the smoker at midnight. Cornbread is made and ready to make into dressing tomorrow (we don't call it stuffing here...and it's not stuffed in the bird, it's baked separately). Typical green bean casserole and bing cherry salad will be ready by mid morning tomorrow, and pumpkin pies will start baking then. And I'm just getting started. YES, we will have a happy Thanksgiving! Sorry the Canadians don't still have it to look forward to!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We have so much to be grateful for and will focus on that during this holiday season. That pumpkin pie looks amazing...the snow...not so much! Just picked my last flowers for the holiday table. Cheers and good wishes!
Happy Thanksgiving! Getting ready to bake some cranberry bread for snacking. Turkey will be grilled. Stuffing, Brussels sprouts, pear and walnut salad and apple pie. And Irish coffee! Love youse all!
Happy Thanksgiving! Hubby wanted a fresh turkey - the smallest I could find for the two of us is 20#!!! we will have wonderful leftovers to pull from the freezer later! No pies, but I ordered a couple of Kringles from O&H Danish Bakery that my fork will find.
We have two couples staying - one wants a breakfast to go the other couple wants coffee only. We can oblige them! Happy day!
I finally made pumpkin custard cups last night. needed my pumpkin fix.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, and thanks to you all for this amazing little innkeeping clan.
We closed for Thanksgiving this year and had a quiet little dinner with no interruptions. Usually it’s check-ins all day long as guests try to get to their own family dinner at the right time. Or, they go to dinner first and show up here later on.

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