Hello again from a semi-newby and still aspiring ...

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Oct 19, 2008
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Hello all!
I discovered this space about a year ago when we were giving serious consideration to purchasing a B & B in our small community in Northwestern Ontario. Unfortunately, someone beat us to it so of course the whole idea went on the back burner.
Now, we are reconsidering a purchase in another part of Ontario. It is all up in the air right now but, if all goes well, it may be within the year. I am excited all over again!
I don't want to share any information about it all right now but, I just wanted to touch base and hope to be a relatively active lurker for now ...
best of luck!
May all work out smoothly. The first did not come to fruition because something better was in your future. May this be it.
Don't be an active Lurker, jump on in, the water's fine!
Once you get bit by the B&B bug you will keep on looking til the right onecomes your way.