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Mar 22, 2021
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Hello to the INNspiring community!

My name is Andrew.
My in-laws have been operating a 10-room Inn/B&B in Dresden, OH for the past 5+ years.

The Inn At Dresden.

Our visits home were severely reduced this past year ('20) due to travel and safety restrictions concerning COVID-19 but we managed to squeeze in one spanning Christmas/New Years. During this visit a couple things became apparent. (1) My father-in-law's health seemed to be worsening and (2) her mother needed help - she'd been balancing both the business and her husband's health for the past couple years - alone.

Fast-forward to today: My fiance and I took the necessary steps and have left our life in Washington, DC to move to the small town of Dresden, OH and assist her mother. Her father has since passed and we're learning the ropes (My fiance has a bit of a head-start as she has been in the hotel hospitality business for the past 5+ years).

I'm hoping to use this forum to expedite, and continually improve, my transition into Innkeeper-hood. We're under-going an "apprenticeship" to determine if the business would be a good fit for us long-term. Her mother still plans to operate, own, and work here for another decade or more.


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May 22, 2008
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Welcome! Sorry to hear about the death of your fiancée‘s father. If there is something particular you want to know about, just ask. To make it easier to find the question again, be sure to make the title clear.

Instead of ‘what would you do?’ make the title something like ‘guest broke shower door, what should we do?’

Best of luck to all!