Hello! Who wants to open up a Bed & Breakfast with me?

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Oct 25, 2021
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Hey everyone!

I’m looking for someone or a group of someones to start a cannabis centric retreat/bed and breakfast sort of thing in the mountains of Washington or Oregon. I am a maintenance person by trade with years of experience managing a hardware store previously. I love people, fixing things, and fixing people. I’m happy, healthy and looking to for like minded people. I’d like to create a space of fun, education, and personal growth with great music and amazing food located in a beautiful mountain setting. I’ve got a great vision. I'm just missing some of the puzzle pieces. Perhaps one of them is you? Or perhaps I'm one of yours? Let's chat!

Thanks and look forward to connecting!

Since I can just go out to the store and buy it, I don't see the point of having a specific B&B for it.
Hi Generic,

Thanks for sharing your opinion!
Hope you have a great day.

Hi Good Scout,

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Hope you have a great day.

Tink, I think it's a great idea. Ignore the negativity. I'd want an in-house "budtender", great music, great food, a hot tub and fun things to do. I see your vision and hope you find some partners!
Hi Tamelon,

Thanks for the positive words! I was a little surprised about the negativity seeing as this is called "innspiring" but it seems that's everywhere online these day.
People I know in both the cannabis and music industries have loved the idea.
Thank you for reaching out to give support and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Hey Scott,
Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.
Hope you have a great one!

Hey gillumhouse.

Honest answer to what question?

I wasn't asking if this is viable or even if it's a good idea.

I'm just looking for like minded people. If it's not you, totally cool. It may be for someone else here on the site.

You never know unless you put it out there.

Hope you have a good day.

Tink, I'd hate for you to feel folks on this forum were negative, I'm sort of an outsider myself, but always found the forum beneficial, but it may not be the resource you desired. I generally see two groups of members on the forum, those who run small properties, happy to answer "how to" type questions, and the group that desire to become small operators. You might find another person wanting to get into the business who would be interested yet I doubt you are likely to find an investor if that is your need as most of us have our hands full already.
Hi Jim,

Thanks for reaching out.

I'm not jaded about the negativity. I just found it amusing as aren't most bed and breakfasts based on the same model? Does that makes them any less unique? Do we recommend not to open one because there is already another one who does the same thing?

And I'm not on here looking for investors although I wouldn't say no to someone who wants to give me money.

Like I said, I'm just looking for people who might be interested in exploring this. Or perhaps someone who has a property that they'd like to add something like this into.

Either way, I appreciate everyone's feedback.

Hope you have a great day..

Hey Generic,

Thanks for the links! I have been on those as well. I appreciate the thought.


I'm just looking for people who might be interested in exploring this.

im in one of the cannabis-friendly states. There are a couple of shops fairly near-by. Those who choose to enjoy do so on one of the outside porches, as there is no smoking (or vaping) inside. I don’t know of any local inns that feature this, it’s just been absorbed into standard operations.
In my State there is no smoking indoors of any place that is not a residence.
Yes, I would say that there is a large percent of the population who grew up in a time when it was illegal, and still have a 'this is a marginal activity' idea. Purely from a 'who am I selling to', there will be people who would actively avoid a place that focuses on cannibis. So, I do think the business model will be different as you will be going after a smaller, select number of clients (niche) who think this sounds great. Why? Well, let's take a couple who want a romantic weekend getaway. 'Doug' thinks your inn sounds great, 'Sara' would prefer a place with a cute room where she can watch mountain sunsets and not have to deal with wierdos or smoke. They end up going somewhere else. 'Jeff' is an urban 30 something and thinks yes, your place sounds great for a weekend getaway, and comes by himself for the weekend. It was awesome. Next weekend he's going on his next adventure, and he's not coming back soon, since he's done the whole cannibis B&B thing. One of the biggest challenges for bed and breakfasts is occupancy . Profits depend on heads in beds. Who are you going to target not on weekends? Who is going to be your repeat visitors? We may have business travelers. And families vacationing, but what would you do? There is a blessing in being in a niche - you know your clients. But can you create solutions that will make it work? Good luck!
Cannabis delivery forms come in many other guises now - smoking would not have to be an option for a cannabis-friendly B&B. I think it's akin to having a B&B associated with a winery or vineyard. Some may only come once, others may like your 'brand' and come back. Some partners may not partake - it's good to have options for both.
Good luck with your venture! If I were starting out in the biz, or in a cannabis friendly state - I am neither, sadly - it would be something to look at.
Hey Coffee Treks,

You bring up very valid points. While I aiming for a niche market, my vision leans more towards a retreat style setting with session with groups being the main focus.

Thanks again. Hope you have a good one.