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May 22, 2008
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As soon as DH finishes his breakfsat I will call the meat wagon. He decided I am not going to struggle to get him into the car this time. He appears to have an infection in his lower leg - unusual because his "resident infection" is in his thigh next to the steel shaft. I am dead on my butt since he decided to talk until agter 2 AM, kept waking me up, and by 6:30 was ready for me to just get up and fix his breakfast amd get him ready to go. Anyway, here we go again, off to the hospital.
K, you both will be heavy in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how it goes.
You're both in my prayers. Hope you'll be able to get some rest yourself tonight when you get home.
Thanks all. He has a dormant "resident" infection along his thigh bone that has the steel shaft - but this time it is still dormant. This time it is between his ankle and his shin - redder thn usual and puffed. They gave him an IV of antibiotic while still in ER - the meat wagon was the way to go! I could gather up whatever without rushing and HE went right on in to an examining room - no wait.
It is is polio leg which makes it harder on everyone. The hospital staff are TOTALLY unfamiliar with polio and what a polio leg looks like normally. Their eyes bug when they see it but it really is not all that different from normal, just puffed a bit and more red.
I will be enjoying my couple of days of not playing Fetch-it to my Master's voice - the nurses will do that. Even my daughters understand wht I mean by that. I will leave a note for my guest tonight. She can let herself in - she knows the drill here. All is well in the big city.
Glad things are aok...enjoy not playing fetch...thoughts are with you both.
Glad it's gone so well... enjoy the respite!
Was going to until I read the obits in Steubenville this afternoon. Daddy's coudin died so it is an early up to go to the funeral. DH told me not to worry about coming to the hospital tomorrow because of the drive. I will probably just go straight over there for a little bit when I get back from up north.
I've been thinking about you since you mentioned the other day that hubs said something to the effect that he didn't feel right. Hopefully they will get the infection under control and everything will be ok!
"Meat Wagon", you're so silly!!