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Oct 7, 2008
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ATTENTION <name removed>:
My name is Abdulla Rahman, I work with Al-qaeda Sunni Movement, I am the Senior Secretary and Editor, Suicide Bombing Department, I am in charge of black list.
I hope you heard about the famous September 11 attack in the U.S and the Marriott hotel bombingon September 2008 which killed many and others injured, and the recent Hotel suicide bombing that happened in Jarkata-Indonesia. Marriott hotel was bombed because they thought it was a joke, when I told them that their name is on the Alqaeda's black list.
I just want to inform you that your name/B&B's name appeared in the Al-qaeda's Black list among the list of hotels that they are going to Bomb this year.The list was sent in to my department (Suicide Bombing department) by our U.S Secret agent in Washington . Why I send you this email is to let you know that your name/hotel name with your and other details is with me.The only option for you is to negotiate with me and have your name removed from the list just like few restaurants and hotels did in your city. I finished negotiating with One hotel and two restaurant that their name appeared alongside with your own, so you have to get back to me if you do not want to loose your hotel to suicide bombing.
You have been by this notice advised to keep this deal secret for the benefit of your customers, your family and your properties. Negotiate with me and I will remove your name and after the negotiation, if you wish I will send a confirmation to you like I did to others.
You must keep this deal secret if you want your name to be removed successfully.
Dr. A. Rahman
Senior Secretary and Editor,
SB Department,
Al-qaeda Sunni Movement
I think I would be turning that message over to the FBI!!!! Didn't someone mention another one something like this a while ago? Even though a big SPAM...this kind of stuff is serious and I would not let this pass. Someone needs to be held accountable to this kind of TRASH!!!!
GO here for nearest location
I got an email from the FBI just today as well...oh bother
I went and looked and I will be honest, the last thing I want to do is give them all my personal this will just be evil spam as it is.
Good thing the SB dept contacted me directly.
Now to my RED FLAG, I updated my info in T.A. today, as they are asking for more info now like URL and other stuff. Logged in my usual way. Put in THAT email address where I got that evil spam, not any of my regular ones, and that was the email it came on. Coincidence? I think not.
I'm in Canada and I got the same email. Talking to other B&B's in my area, most of them got it too! SPAM!!
This is an extortion attempt. Serious stuff if they could ever trace who sent it, but I highly doubt they will ever be caught even if the u.s. govt were interested.
Alrightie then..anyone seen Jeff this the work of Achmed the dead terrorist.....JOKE PEOPLE.
Aside from joking, its just plain SICK. But if anyone has seen Achmed the dead terrorist act from Jeff Dunham..its really funny. Hope none took this in the wrong way.

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