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The Farmers Daughter

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Jun 15, 2009
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This morning I received the following email: Anyone else get this? Is it legit?
[tr][tr] [/td][/tr][tr][td] [tr] [td] Dear Innkeeper,

Congratulations! Your Inn has been chosen to be featured in the upcoming print publication, Great Bed and Breakfast Inns of The Northeast USA!

There is no obligation to be published in this full color book edition that includes your Inn's name, address, phone and website url PLUS a free 50 word description and up to two color photographs. This is a completely FREE offer however the deadline for submitting material is December 15, 2009.

Please follow the link for full details and we hope to receive your information before our quickly approaching deadline!

Happy Holidays from Hillside Mansion Publications!

Full Information: http://hillsidemansionshoppes.web.officelive.com/DearInnkeeper.aspx
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I don't know, but I would never click on a link from a spammer. Afraid I'd get a virus. And I have never heard of being included in a publication for free. I'd delete.
Their website does show this as un upcoming publication, and shows that they have published a similar book on Inns in Pensylvania....looks like a hokey operation to me tho......
I would not waste time. Who will purchase this??? And, you will be on their spam list and hundreds of others after that:-(

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