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To answer the question, yes I have participated in Hot Deals for nearly a year now. I have never even had an inquiry about it!!!
I can not find the thread but about the time I started with hot deals last year, there was a simular discussion...don't know if originated as this topic or if the thread was hijacked... Anyway, I had questioned bandb about the # in the distribution of this newsletter as they state in their reminder "Over 93000 potential guests have registered" to receive the newsletter. Which I do find to be deceiving as only those in your region, state are receiving YOUR hot deal. I asked about how many were receiving newsletters in my area and at that time (to the best of my memory) it was around 1500, a far cry from what their email boosting the program states! I would think the numbers would be substantually higher in the NE and may produce in some areas better than others.
Yet, I have participated hoping to prove them right, that it works.. Sadly, it hasn't for me.