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Jul 23, 2009
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I am an independent software vendor and I am doing some product research into an online system for hotels and bed and breakfasts to create and manage their own website.
The idea is to create a system where an owner can create an account, and choose a site template from a large selection, and be able to customise the pages. The system would also provide the facility to take reservations, payments, display an availability calendar and so on. From the research I have conducted so far there doesnt seem to be many of these services available online - perhaps for a good reason. To give an idea of the content management facility it would be along the lines of this product :
I would be very grateful if the members of this forum would give some feedback into the product idea and if you have any experience of using these kinds of products - whether good or bad.
Thank you for your time
I don't think you should "reinvent the wheel" unless you can come up with darn good product with a low cost, don't waste your time. There are already so many out there for the B & B industry and many have fallen by the wayside because they can't keep up with the good ones.
Unless you are already part of the B&B industry don't waste your time. There are so many intricacies we innkeepers need/want (said in my best Soprano dialect) Forgetaboutit.

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