how long do you wait for a guest response?

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Apr 27, 2009
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had a guest book online. she requested a package, which is not available in the online booking software. the regualr package gives you a set of admission tickets to ONE venue. she mentioned 2 different venues in her notes to me. because she is staying a long time, there is no problem with giving the 2 sets of admission tickets but i don't know if it was a general question or a specific question. i emailed her to ask, which or both but no response after 12 hours. how long do you usually wait for a reply back when a guest asks a question? would you call instead?
if she wants both it raises the price of her stay quite a lot so i have not sent her a confirmation. the room is blocked off waiting her respone.
Did you send on Saturday? I'd give her until at least Monday... it could be a work email.
I'd give a day or two (depending on how it falls around a weekend (like yellowsocks mentioned) then I would call. Saves on the concern of whether the email got trapped by a spam filter or whatever.
I would definitely call if I had not heard by Monday at Noon. Otherwise SHE may be wondering about YOUR lack of response. When in doubt call - it makes it easier on all and eliminates confusion.
If over the weekend, I would wait until Monday for a response. Then, I would email the prospective guest again and make sure that there was something in the subject line that would get the guest's attention. If no answer after the second attempt, I would then phone to verify. I love email though and find that it's better to get things in writing :)
Yes, I would call on Monday or Tuesday depending on how much time you need to get the tickets. Your confirmation could have ended up in their trash in their email and they might be wondering.