How to train a husband - Part I

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May 22, 2008
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My funeral guests are great - down home. She was telling me tonight how she trained her husband.
His Mother cooked 3 meals for every meal - husband's, the boys, and hers - every meal. When this lady married one of the "boys", none of his foods could touch each other. Fast forward a bit. They now have a baby and she is working full-time 8 AM to 5 PM. He gets home about 3 PM and plunks down in front of TV with feet up. She gets home with baby in arms ans he asks, What's for supper? She says give me a few minutes. She then throws together some food and puts the plates of food on the table. He says, I can't eat this, everything is touching. She gets up, takes his plate and dumps it in the trash. He then starts toward taking from her plate. She says yours wasn't good enough for you so mine isn't either. Whoosh, in the trash. She never had a problem with him about food again.
Just finished this and Part II! Love these stories! Are they really true?
For years, while I was working full-time, dh always did the laundry. Why? Because he ran out of underwear before I did.
Once I started working part-time I took over the laundry. The first thing I did was buy him more underwear!