How to you handle trick or treaters on Halloween?

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Last night we had over 1200 trick or treaters and we ran out of treats. Next year, I am going to look for a local sponsor to supply the treats. This is crazy. We might talk to the city about putting an age limit on the kids - a lot were not kids - we even had one middle age woman with a dog in costume who wanted treats. 1200 people in 2 1/2 hours is insane. The 1200 doesn't count the parents with the kids. My flower beds are now down for the count. Hopefully, everything will come back next year.
we had a nice number here. about 45. we had a couple high school kids but that was fine ... they wore giant peace signs and love candy. and adults bringing around toddlers and you-know-who is going to eat that candy.
We had a weak turnout. I would say no more than 25 total. We can thank the rain for that. I did see some great costumes this year. The best was a set of 4 year old twin girls with blond curls and blue eyes. They were both fairy princesses. Adorable!