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Jun 24, 2008
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I am really considering changing my check out time. We currently have check out at Noon but want to change it to 11AM beginning in January.
So how do I go about this? I have reservations all the way to the end of the year, but soon I will (hopefully) be getting some for 2012.
I do not want to draw attention by making note of the change on our site or in our confirmations.
Should I just place it in our confirmations for the new year? (I could forget.)
Change it now in both but not fully implement it (boot people out at 11) til January?
Change it now on your website. Change it now in your confirmation. Change it now in any room literature. Implement it reality in Jan.
I agree with Ike. Change it now everywhere. In your check-in speil, tell them what check-out time is.
By the way, good for you! You'll love the extra hour.
We just changed our check-in from 6 to 5. I changed it online and on our confirmations, we expect to be here 'til 6 for a while but it's never to early to put it out there.
Just do it. Change it wherever it is stated and don't worry about it in the least. 11am is standard check out time.
I agree with Ike. Change it everywhere now to 11 am. Currently confirmed guests might expect the noon check-out, but all others can be advised that it's 11:00 am, or before.