Howling with laughter (Warning- Gratitude Post)

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Dec 11, 2008
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Aloha kakou,
I have jumped in several times to thank this wonderful group for the sage wisdom and depth of experience that they have and how beneficial it is. Today I am grateful for how much you make me laugh. Sometimes your answers are priceless and I find myself chortling or howling or snickering or grinning. I am very grateful and thank you.
What are the things that make you laugh on Innspiring?
Most of what makes me laugh are the gut-honest, tell-it-like-it-is, cut-the-crap answers that are given. I relish the forthrightness and the truthfulness that shows up on my screen.
I, too, chuckle daily (sometimes more than once a day) at this site
What makes me laugh is that we all do things differently but have the same inherent issues. Leads me to believe 'nothing works'!
Another thing...that you had to put a warning notice on the thread title.
What makes me laugh is that we all do things differently but have the same inherent issues. Leads me to believe 'nothing works'!.
Bree said:
What makes me laugh is that we all do things differently but have the same inherent issues. Leads me to believe 'nothing works'!
True comments like this one!

The sarcasm from some of our veteran innkeepers...I love it, I need it, keep it coming!
The reason I keep looking at this forum each and every day is that I am Canadian and most of you are American. I love Americans I really do. My daughter in law in American born and my sons both attended university in the U.S so I do feel a closeness.
You all seem more up to date with what is going on with b & b's than any in this province. I feel the province I live in (Saskatchewan) is so behind, no kidding!
Like get with the program B & B's in Saskatchewan. Why am I the only b & b in all of Saskatchewan using online reservations and/or webervations or something similar?
Sure some may have the reservations where you fill in a form and a cheesy website but wow in this day and age get with the progam.
I thank each and every one of you on this forum for your input and your humour and allowing me to come here to vent whenever I need to without being criticized for doing so.
Lo - one innkeeper's vent is another innkeeper's wisdom. I truly learn from each one of you here.
Waht makes me laugh are the guests and guests comments that get posted. And some of the vents. I hope I have given a few chuckles along the way as you folks envision me with a couple of see no evil friends filling Hefty bags or pudding nights with double butter.
Sometimes as I am in the process of venting it hits me how stupid it sounds but I post it anyway because if it twerked me, it may be similar to something that is twerking another but they realized betyping how stupid it sounded.
Many times a post will bring an image to mind that sets of laughter.
Thank you knkbnb for this chance to say thanks for the comic relief we all need.
Laugh? Moi? Gosh please everyone, give us some disasters in the kitchen stories...I love those. They have been lacking lately. Please tell us stories like seashanty's famous guest's suitcase tumbling down the stairs and popping open full of her inn amenities, now that is a classic. Typos can be quite funny here also. Thank you all for your part on this forum.
the humanity
funny typos
real life stories about our crazy spouses, relatives, guests, neighbors, colleagues
I love them all
Although, the d-o-m and the frying pan come to mind as one of the funniest ever...